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Silencing the Critic

svgJanuary 23, 2024PoetryCray Makaí

Tick, tick, tick.
But the feeling is…
Tick-tick-tick-tick, tick, tick.

The time is wasting.
It is.

But while it is wasting…
It is waiting.
Waiting for you…
To get right.

It is okay to relax.
It is okay to be.
Just being…
Is okay.

It is resting for the time.
Preparing during the waste…
Is the wait for the great.

Others can not do this.
Because they are wasting away…
Far, far away.
Into the waste.

They can not go where you are going.
They have not gone where you have gone.
This is not about them…
Any of them.

This is for you.
All for you.
Only for you.
What do you want?

@book_of_cray Silencing the Critic by Cray Makaí #poetry🥀 #poems #inspiration #motivation ♬ original sound – Book of Cray


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    Silencing the Critic