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Hope Is Never Slain

svgMarch 6, 2024PoetryCray Makaí

The only thing I know
Of all things that change
So much will go
But only hope is not slain

It may change form,
Just like each season.
Sometimes almost dormant,
Like hope is retreating.

As if to challenge me,
And touch under my skin.
Questions of why things be…
And where to re-begin

Start over now?!
I still haven’t finished!
Why not take that last bow?
Because I’m not winning.

I’m just losing…
My mind, My heart, My soul…
All this confusion,
Where do I go?

Why fight?….
For who, for what…why?
Didn’t last night,
I once again let myself cry?

Isn’t today my day?
My end of all this sadness.
Even when I pray…
Still, see the tragic

Still, see the woes.
Still, see the tears.
More and more foes…
Instead of friends as my peers

The great friends are gone.
The bad ones stay forever.
Why is Negative so strong,
And Positive like a feather?

Why so many whys?
Why no answers?
Why so hard do I try?
But still not advancing.

The hope that…
Tomorrow isn’t today.
The hope that…
The thoughts I borrow will make yesterday go away.

The hope that…
Dreams can be real.
The hope that…
Again, I can feel.

The hope that…
Better days come and remain.
The hope that…
Hope…is never slain.

@book_of_cray Hope by Cray Makaí #poetry #poem #hope ♬ original sound – Book of Cray


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    Hope Is Never Slain